Mikron Philosophy

Supply Assurance = Satisfied Customers

Supply Assurance

Our customers care about one thing: Assurance of Supply. That’s the business we are in – manufacturing quality parts that are delivered on time. It’s a simple business, but hard to do well every day across hundreds of customers and thousands of part numbers. To accomplish this Mikron Rubber Products invests significant sums annually in information technology designed to drive customer focused business practices. From our PES (Production Execution System) to our automated QMS (Quality Management System) our team of software developers is working with our line managers to take the pitfalls of data entry, paper processes, and inaccessible information out of the customer equation.

  • Order Acknowledgement
  • Work Order Visability
  • Work Cell Stage
  • Forecasted Delivery Dates
  • Complete Quality Data (NCR's CAR's ,etc.)
  • Delay Notification
  • Customer Portal (available 2015)

IRP Group Holdings

Mikron is a division of IRP Group Holdings, Inc. along with Abba Roller and IRP Medical

Mikron Rubber

Mikron Rubber: Founded in 1973, Mikron Rubber sells standard and non-standard hydraulic/pneumatic seals and diaphragms to a wide variety of customers in the U.S and Canada. Using material science expertise and in depth process engineering, we offer unique capabilities to distributors and OEM’s in rubber fabric reinforced diaphragms, metal-to-rubber bonded component parts with high abrasion, high temperature, high pressure or high chemical resistance requirements.

Abba Roller

Abba Roller: Originally founded in 1959, ABBA has built the reputation as the industry’s high precision, high value rubber rotary devices provider. ABBA focuses on critical to function, tight tolerance rollers and wheels used in PCB manufacturing, coating, robotics, laminating and converting industries. Devices are shipped all over the world

IRP Medical

IRP Medical: IRP Medical is focused on engineering complex silicone shapes from LSR (liquid silicone rubber) and processed via a relatively new technology, LIM (liquid injection molding). The components we produce are typically consumable products used in medical devices. With over 80 customers including Carefusion, Covidien, CR Bard, and Tandem Diabetes, the division operates a 40,000 sq. ft. state of the art clean room facility. IRP Medical has had a 25% CAGR over the past five years and is expected to continue in the foreseeable future.

Blue-Chip Customer Base

IRP Group Holdings, Inc. currently has over a 1000 active customers, including some of the largest and most-respected companies across industries including medical device, aerospace, PCB, coating/laminating, oil and gas, and defense

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