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Material Science Solutions –Over time Mikron Rubber Products developed a deep understanding of material science for specific applications requiring high temperature, high pressure, high abrasion and/or high chemical resistance. Whether producing custom seals and packings or BOP components for a H2S/high pressure situation or a Viton® U-cup for a high temperature/chemical resistant hydraulic cylinder application, Mikron’s focus is using their understanding of rubber chemistry to provide a better sealing solution.

  • Mikron Rubber Products' rubber chemists and quality lab formulates, compounds and mills over 90% of the rubber used in its production. This ensures batch to batch consistency and reliability.
  • Mikron Rubber Products creates over 60 custom formulations annually for our customers. Whether offering ± 2 durometer specifications or a unique formula designed to meet unique functional specifications, Mikron Rubber Products' material science team is on your team

Mikron Standard Materials

Homogeneous Rubbers

Standard Nitriles (NBR)

MB-160 Standard Nitrile 60 Durometer (NBR) High fuel and oil resistance with good compression set qualities for a wide variety of seals, packings and rings. Heat resistance to approximately 275°F
MB-170 Standard Nitrile 70 Durometer (NBR)
MB-380 Standard Nitrile 80 Durometer (NBR)
MB-390 Standard Nitrile 90 Durometer (NBR)

Low Temp Nitrile

MB-470 Low Temp Nitrile 70 Durometer Flexible to -65°F

Carboxilated Nitriles

MB-670 Carboxilated Nitrile 70 Durometer (XNBR) Enhanced tear and abrasion resistance for dynamic applications
MB-480 Carboxilated Nitrile 80 Durometer (XNBR)
MB-190 Carboxilated Nitrile 90 Durometer (XNBR)

Highly Saturated Nitrile (HNBR)

MB-3780 Highly Saturated Nitrile 80 Duro. (HNBR) Heat resistance to 320°F


MN-160 Neoprene 60 Durometer High abrasion and electrical insulation properties, resistant to both petroleum lubricants and oxygen, used in sealing applications
MN-170 Neoprene 70 Durometer
MN-180 Neoprene 80 Durometer

Natural Rubber

MR-155 Natural Rubber, 55 Durometer High resiliency, abrasion and tear strength properties.

Fluro-Elastomers (Viton®)

MF-170 Fluoroelastomers (Viton® ) 70 Duro. (FKM) Very strong chemical and heat resistance. Frequently used in aerospace and automotive applications which require sealing up To 400°F
MF-180 Fluoroelastomers (Viton®) 80 Duro. (FKM)
MF-190 Fluoroelastomers (Viton®) 70 Duro. (FKM)


ME-180 EPDM High heat (300°F), ozone, water and weather resistance. Good ketone and phosphate esters resistance.


Standard Plastics

MNN-101 Nylon 6 High wear resistance with low friction, back-up rings
TEFLON Teflon® Temp. performance and gases
MSB-180 Thermoplastic Elastomers 80 Duro (TPE) Excellent fluid resistance
MSB-190 Thermoplastic Elastomers 90 Duro (TPE)

Fabric Reinforced Rubber

Standard Fabric Reinforced Rubbers

MBF-100 Nitrile Coated Cotton Duck High strength seals and diaphragms in hydraulic applications
MFF-101 Fluoroelastomers (Viton®) Coated Cotton Duck High temperature and chemical resistance
MNF-100 Neoprene Coated Cotton Duck High abrasion resistance
MBF-110 Rock Hard Nitrile Coated Cotton Duck Extreme pressure applications

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